Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Roar of Ayako

Ayako : Recently Jiro is not as nice as he used to be, I am wondering why ? I tried to invite him to play wiht me,but he seems more interested in other woaman..hmmm ,I just found out that he had many girlfriend outside...help.please tell me waht to do !

Ayako " hmm,is this the girl that attracted Jiro ?"

Ayako" Hey ! What are you up to ?

Ayako : What's wrong with you ? Aren't I good enough for you ? "

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Ayako : Common ! How many time do I have to tell you ? "


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pet Studio is papa's dream

My papa is realy addicted to photo shooting, he even try to make a home studio,he said his dream is to own a Pet Studio so he can take photos for the doggy and their owner,he is learning and pratice so he can become a pro in the near future,then he can retired and no need to work for that long winded grandfather like BOSS !
Here are some pics that he took for us, makeing us do tired and alwys make us do things whcih wr don't likes to do.








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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Beautifull Scenery of KKB

I love the blue sky & greenery in KKB (Kuala Kubu Baru).it's only an hour drive from KL but the atmospheres are so much difference.Hope can come to this place more often.

Jiro & Ayako on Grovvy's surf board ! Just to take a breath !

Ayako swimming likes she's gonna drown !

Ayako on the surf board,so scary !

Jiro's turn on the board ! " PLEASE REALESE ME LET ME GO !"

Ayako "It's gonna be another hapee day !"

Jiro also looks very happy in the car ! Hooray,KKB,here I come !


Both try to squeeze through that narrow space !
On the way,dead tired but enjoyed !
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For complete album,please click the below icon,enjoy !



Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My photo album in another site

My papa really blur blur, he don't even know he had posted some picture in one of the website last year, and now he found it and wants to share with you all.

Sg Gabai Waterfall Part II

Photo Album Sungai Gabai Waterfall

Waterfall Part 3

Sunday, October 7, 2007

MRDO Day 7th October 2007@Bandar Utama Park

MRDO means Malaysia Responsible Dog Ownership,means my master must be responsible for my well being,so we doggy are in good hands with good welfare and benefit.

7th Oct 2007,is another great woof woof day for all the doggie,dosent't matter if u are pedigree or mixed,or unknow, as long as u can woof woof !
Papa wake up at 6.45 a.m and get ready to take us out to the woof locations. I saw papa has prepared all the ice and cold drinks,guess it must be a sunny day,he will bring air-cond for me if he can :), papa has 3 huge bags ready to carry,but wonder how is he going to bring me and Ayako that will total up of 5 bags.he must be a superman to do so. Then I saw him carry all the 3 bags which consits of his favorite heavy duty tools,me & Ayako's stuff and the ice box. He was getting ready to go off but he did not take me & Ayako,I was very worried and keep scrathing the door and crying,after 10 minutes, I heared tha foot step from the corridor and the door open,papa did not leave us alone this time,so he take us to the "WANG WANG PARADE"

Here are soem pictures to share with you all.they was many leng chai leng lui,those who missed this event shall be regret and bang their head !

I wonder if Ben can see anything or he just walk without looking ?

AYAKO is alawys busy looking at the camera !

Ms Venus is crying and searching for her mummy !

Duchess in her cool looks !

Amber -Mae is shaking her BOOM BOOM which reminds me of Ricky Martin !

It's me ! Aren't I am cool ?

Prince & Family

Ms Money in action for the fastest recall but she isn't fast enough :(

MS Money & mummy

PACCO the black angel,at last have a nice photo of her !

Don't know who is this fellow, but I likes the smile on his face.

Lucky and his master Jack

What is Duchess up to ? She will follow my mummy home ?

Chloe & Melisa perfoming a dance

Chloe & Amber Mae doing a favour for all the doggies -collecting donation for PAWS & SPCA
Please donate generously...

Faith posing as a Prison Break - looks so innocent( she said " I am not guilty !" )

The Red Indian Chief Scruffy -looks good !
The long Beard hard Rock Snauzer
The cool looking Duchess but did not take part in the contest..