Thursday, October 30, 2008

Malaysia Responsible Dog Onwnership Day 2008

19th Oct 2008

This event is organized by,and it has been an annual event since 2005,event before I was born. This event is specially held to bring awareness to the human to take good care of us....the furkids.Being responsible to give us good food,good home,love and everything we need.
was the event photographer,he did not have time for us as he was busy taking pictures for other dogs.
According to PAPA,all the committee member for this event did not bring their own dog to the event because they need to make sure those who came to the event must have enjoyable time,so we have to sacrifice to be left at home.

But my mummy still bring me to the event for just a short while because she have difficulties to handle me and AYAKO at the same time,because AYAKO is very hyperactive when ever going to this kind of outing.

Just some pictures to share with you since I was there for less than an hour and mummy rush us home due to the hot sun and worried that we might get heat stroke.

More human than furkids...q for registration..
A AYAKO lookalike Pekingese..first outing
Long time no see pal !
This not me or AYAKO,it's just someone who looks like us..
AYAKO's OB Classmate named Christmas..

Me checking the one who looks similar AYAKO...AYako stilll the princess in my heart..
This is not AYAKO..don't know her name..Could it be AYAKO's lost sister ?
AMBER doing her favorite longest pole
Another loving pair of Pekingese
Police searcching dog doing demostration
Pacco & her Ms Owner doing the hurdle race
See who will be the fastest reach the finish line ?
Cute MINNIE mouse silky Terrie
Dogs & owner socialization
Melisa AMBER MAE's owner selling her CD for donations to SPCA
Handsome Police dog demostration !

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wonderfull Trip to Cameron Highland

11th & 12th October 2008

Cameron Highland

On this beautiful Saturday,we had another fun and enjoyable trip to Cameron Highland
My papa rented a bungalow with some other friends to spend a weekend together. The members are shown in the below pictures are myself,Ayako,Poochi the Beagle,Brwonie d' Cocker Spaniel,MOCO d' Chi Hua Hua,Leeco & Sugus d' Toy Poodle...with all the uncle and aunties.
The journey is about 3 hours from our home,approximately 220km away,we meet up with the others at one of the rest area along the highway. There was 5 cars convoy to the destination,this is my second trip to Cameron Highland but for other is their first they are much more excited than me & Ayako.
The Villa we rented was a few kilometer from Ringlet town..we felt the air is cooler as compare to the city.All of us was excited and found that the Villa owner is having few dogs and they are staying at the back of the villa,within minutes,we mark all the corner and plants,flowers around the bungalow while my papa was checking in and talking to the owner. The villa owner is very nice uncle and friendly with us. There are not many places we doggy can enjoy,but this is definitely one of the best holiday outing place for us.We likes to say thank you to the kind uncle.

Our hooman are also enjoying themself as well as they enjoy drinking,delicious food talking & laughing the whole night.We also get to share some of the food stuff they made.
In next morning,we visited some tourist attraction and interesting places such as The Strawberry farm,Tea farm,flower farm as well as stores selling vegetables. The people here are quite dog friendly and they even ask permission to have photo session with us.
We wanna to come again to this place as papa & mummy thinking to have longer holiday in near future..especially holiday with us..
See more photos here & here !

>Group photo of us taking at the Cameron Valley Tea Farm
Heading to North by the highway
The long and straight hightway
Take a break after traveling about 140km in the car

Enough rest and start journey again !
AYAKO is curious of where are we heading to as the road are winding up hills
Valley view from the bungalow
The cool hills !
AYAKO & MOCO enjoying the cool breeze at balcony
Marking Territory ! This place is mine !
Analysing who left his marking here ,woof ! woof !
Woof !Woof ! Woof, my papa taking care of us while the hooman go shopping for Tea !
AYAKO & her favarite fren MOCO !
Relaxing at the Valley tea farm
I am so tired and sleepy but AYAKO still very energetic !
SUGUS STreteching after lots of excercise !
Playing balls at the field.
Relaxing BROWNIE !

Walking in the Strawberry Fram
AYAKO & MOCO wearing the same dress, both so adorable !

Friday, October 3, 2008


4th Oct 2008,

Today,we have the opportunity to joint the Furry Friend group to celebrate the World Animal day. The event is held at one of the shopping complex in town.
This is to make awareness to the public to take good care of animals and furry friend like us.Stop the abusing, stop the cruelty to animals.

We also have the chance to meet many new friends and we joined the walk around the shopping complexs.It's about 15 minutes walk and this is the first time we join the walk with so many furry friends.It's remarkable and a day to remember.