Monday, February 18, 2008

Jungle Trekking 2008 Round 4 (16th Feb )

It was quite a while since we last went for jungle trekking.

Papa only gt two respond when he send out sms to the JT gang. But was suprised to see Pacco,Jojo & Nicky waitng when we arrive at Gasing Hill.

Anyway,we are back again after few weeks rest. There was frequent rain when we had our break during the CHinese New Year holiday. The rain washed away our marking in the jungle, I was very busy to mark my teritory again & again.

This round, we had a new friend by the name of Nike - a beautiful female Rott,and the long time absent Jojo & Nicky. We also met up wiht Zugar & Vanila,so we was not so lonely this time.

During our trekking up the hill, we also met some hoooman who hate us,from a distance, we already knew they don't like us as we can sense and we stand a side and give them way to go first, but yet they still complain about us. Just wondering how this hooman live nad if their lives are happier than us.

Non the less, we had another enjoyable trek and we hope to meet up more doggies next round.
The pictures below was taken by Nokia handphone...coz papa said he got no mood to take pictures...:(

Our new fren NIKE,isn't she adorable ? :)

Slimmer Duchess ! She has successfully maintain her figure !

The ever handsome Prince !

The hooman !

The most gorgeous Jiro of course !

Not so sure if this is Nicky ?

The ever noisy mafia Scruffy !

Mr. Teo with all the BIG doggies !

The unbelieveable TIRED Prince !


Thank you for visiting,have nothing much to update since last month as papa was extreme busy wiht his work.
Anyway,AYAKO is on heat now and I am vbusy chasing after her, as she is hyper active and I had had hard time to get close to her !
Wish me good luck,thne may be we will have our babies soon !