Thursday, June 26, 2008

I have recovered !

Hi to all,

Please to announce that I have recover nad and I can run and jump now.

But papa still take precautions not to let me have too much exercise.

I am ready tp meet all my frinds at Dog Olympic day.

Will be back to update more !

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Unidentified Sickness


It's been more than a month since i last updated my blog.

I was suffering form unidentified illness,I had abdomen pain,back pain,I can't move or walk, I just lying on the floor foe the whole day..
Papa took me to visit the Vet many times,finally gave me an x-ray..yet problem unidentified,
Finally Dr. Lai Chong refer me to another Vet..but this ver gave me an shocking diagnosis,he said I might be paralyzes for my life..means I will not be able to move by myself..I will have to use a wheel chair..he said my backbone are something wrong and bla bla ..but papa did not believe him.
After that papa send my x-ray file to Japan and refer to another Vet..and the Vet in Japan said nothing wrong with me and shall recover soon...
I am feeling much better these few days and I am up and running, just hope that pain won't come again.