Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another wonderfull weekend !

23rd August 2008

We was invited to join the Jack Russel gang to the water fall at KKB again.
We woke up rather early than usual.We took about an hour to reach the destination.
We met up Grovvy and the gang at the stream,they already soak themselves in the water when we arrive at the location.The water was chilling and clear.

AYAKO and me does not enjoy the deep water, but we play and chase each other at the river bank.

As usual,PACCO hates the water, but she still enjoy running and jumping.
It was another wonderfull trip..look forward to go again soon.
Morepictures can be viewed in our face book.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Beijing Olympic Games

Just to share the songs lyrics for the Beijing Olympic Opening..

I believe I & Ayako have little connection with this as our ancestor are from Beijing.though we were born in Malaysia..




You and Me
You and me
From one world
We are family
Travel dream
A thousand miles Meeting in Beijing
Come together
Share the joy of life
Come on, friend
Together hand in hand
Come on, love
Together hand in hand
You and me
From one world