Thursday, March 20, 2008

KKB WATER FALL 20th March 2008

20th March 2008,Thursday.This Morning was cool and refreshing and it's a public holiday for all Malaysian as today is someone's birthday..if not mistaken, his name is Nabi Mohamad.

My papa get up rather early today as he need ot get all things ready as have to meet up some friends and we gonna have some fun at the waterfall.

At 7.45a.m papa found that his car tyre was flat..we was so worried that he might cancel the trip. Fortunately he have a spare tyre and able to exchange with the help from the petrol station woker.Thanks GOD !

ok,let's see who is coming..we have 2 Pekingese ,2 Laborator ,2 Golden Retriver,2 poodle,2 dalmation,1 Cokernauzer,1 Rott,1 Pomeranina & 1 GR mix. Totally 14 of us plus 8 cars...and countless of hooman.

We had some splashing time at the waterfall and some hooman are tyring to push some of us into the that water as some of us really don't enjoy swimming.

We heading to the restaurant on the way home after everybody had enough fun and felt hungry. All the hooman enjoyed the yummy food but all the doggies are siting under the table and waited.

It was another enjoyable trip for all of us.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It was a delighting and memorable Sunday for some of us whom are lucky enough to take part in the Petster magazine launch in Power Ikano center.
we was very impress on the performance by Grovvy,Pacco and Lawarence (not sure Lawrence is the name of the dog or hooman -:) )
You can't see me in the pictures as I was busy flirtingwit the girls !

Friday, March 7, 2008

My 1st modeling job

Can't realy remember when was this modeling job taken place,may be it was 2 years ago when I just turn adult and looks extremely handsome during that time...ok ok ...once upon 2006...papa & mummy took me to the location...Malaysia's 5 star Pet hotel for some photo shooting..myself and Shalom was selected for the secene.

I was cool and relax..but my pawrent was excited and worred that i might not do a good job.

Anyway,the shooting just took two hours to complete and the result was satisfactory..The objective of this shooting is to publisize the Pet Hotel facilities in MAS was far deep inside the cargo area..Each time when you pass by the KLIA raod,you actually see a Ziraffee sign board shown the hotel advertising board.

They have comfortable check in counter and facilities like jacuzzi,,grooming area..and so on.mummy toook some pix..will post more pic if can find the pic..personally speaking, I don't like to stay there cause I don't like being cage ! :)

Ms Shalom & me at the recption counter

Being groom by the so called professional groommer..she is very sweet !

Another shot on the groomming table !

Hi to all,thank you for visiting my blog,someone bad has added a VIRUS link in the comments,so I temporary disable the comments.
Hate the BAD human whom are not contributing but added VIRUS link in my blog. God will punish those bad people !

I was tired ! Pictures speak a thousand

Pictures speak a thousand words !

After one week of chasing after Ayako, I must admit that I don't have enough energy to challenge her.

It was 7 dyas sleepless night for both of us....I did not succeed eventhough till Ayako's heat is over...I am so sad and confuse and disappointed !

Saturday, March 1, 2008

It was a rainy Saturday !

Hello hello...seems a long time I did not psot any update..

As we are looking forward for every saturday's jungle trekking,we jump on papa's bed at 6 a.m...since he promise to take us out. I keep calling, but he did not bother but just continue to sleep.

About 7.15 a.m fianlly I managed to get papa out of his bed, while preparing to go for jungle trekking.we saw the that the sky was dark and was inform by Pacco's sms that Bukit Gasing is raining. Later another sms from NIKE that she and his papa already waiting at gasing Hill....

We arrived at Gasing Hill and it still raining while papa receiving few sms that the trkker are not coming today due to the rain...

Finally only myself and NIKE,two dogs and two man holding the umbrealla walking in the rain...we just had a short trek to day cause the rain won't stop and all of us are wet,for the first time we arrived home before 10 a.m