Saturday, January 19, 2008

19th Jan 2008 ( Jungle Trekking Round 3 )

It was another cloudy morning,before the sunrise,papa wake up at 6.30 a.m... to prepare to take us to jungle trekking.( even before I am ready to wake him up )
Papa used to wake up at 7.30 to go to work,but he will wake up early on weekend just to bring us to enjoy at JT. He said it's for the LOVE of DOGS !

We arrived at Bukit Gasing exactly 8.a.m and seen Pacco already waiting for us. She was jumping high & low when she spoted us.The later we met Champ de Poodle,Prince dE handsome GR with his papa and so called mummy...:). After few minutes we see Scruffy de mafia and Ginger de dalmation.

Seems there are many hoooman are free and come to this FOC spot to kill some time. Many of them was staring at us and we decided not to wait any longer and we started the walk about 8.20 a.m.

As usual,there are some hooman who likes us and some who don't, but we did care much and we enjoy marking,running and sniffing each other. well, there is a lot to communicate since we only meet once a week...:(

we was suprised to see Grovvy the super duper
running to us while we are having fun at the stream..We really miss him and glad to see him. Hope Grovvy will join us more often.

LaSt but not least but sad to said that we minght not be able to see Champ de Poodle for a while because his Ms owner will have to work on Saturday on next week. Let's hope she will get a 5 days work soon.

AYAKO : Jolin Cheche,don't be so sad,hope you will get a 5 days job then u can come to joint us again ! :

JIRO : Hi Grovvy...glad to see you again !

JIRO : Help ! anybody can do CPR ? Prince is not moving ! :

Monday, January 14, 2008

Jungle Trekking 2008 Round 2

12th Jan ,2nd Saturday of 2008.

May be everyone is still busy or lazy after the long holiday,or they are not doing thier job to give wake up calls to thier master,this round we welcome back Pacco,Zugar & Vanila who was absent for a while.

We had another fun trek as the ground was wet and slippery after the heavy rain during the weekdays.

Zukar & Vanila was so excited after they met up with us..mmmh.they must have miss the jungle trekking so much,both of them was the most enjoyable pair this round as they run,chase and play with the ball and stick.

Prince the handsome golden retriver a bit lazy this time,but I think he still enjoy soaking himself in the pool of cooling water while I enjoy going around to mark my territory :) (that's why can't see much of my photo )

Hope more doggie will turn up for the jungle trekking next week...of course hope to see more leng lui (beautuful chick ) too !


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our daily Walk in the Park !

Mummy will bring us out to the park Monday to Friday every morning after PaPa gone to work.
It's the happiest hour of the day !

Today is public holiday,so Papa took some piictures of us during our walk.