Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thanks Giving Party 21st July 2008

Hi hi..thank you to those whom has visited my block regularly,sorry fro not being able to update as often as I wish..papa was too busy with his work.
Anyway,will try my best to tell more story.

21st July 2008 ,was another hot and sunny day.
We was invited to join VENUS' thanks giving party at the orphanage and old folks home.
At the same time we celebrated for LOTUS's birthday and speedy recovery of VENUS.
VENUS was suffered from heat stroke ahd she managed to recovered with many dog's and hooman's blessing. We are so happy for her, that's why we have a party.
During the party,there were some demostration of doggies trick and all the children are allowed to play with us.
We was so happy that all the kids loves to play with us.Hope we will bring them more happiness in the futures.

See the smiling face makes us happy !